Thursday, March 31, 2011

Envelope Envy

I haven't had much time to update lately, I have been working on several custom orders for envelopes, padded mailers and a few upcoming design projects for logos!

When I started making envelopes, people thought I was crazy! It's a bit tedious and the folding can be a headache, but once you figure out the system, it's great!

Here are a few of my projects...

3x3 inch kraft envelopes

6x9 inch and 4x6 inch padded envelopes (shown below also)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cricut's not what you think!

For several weeks I have been asking my husband for a new camera, we just purchased one for my daughter, so I wanted one too...can you hear my whining?  Ala, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia".

So to halt my camera hints he has come up with different ways to ''distract" me.  First it was a new vacuum, not romatic? Oh, but it was a new Dyson, so I was very distracted and forgot all about the camera and had the cleanest floors in the neighborhood.

This past weekend, my camera longings returned.  He was quick to come up with the next distraction!  This time one that would help my Etsy store and challenge my creativity!  A new Cricut Imagine!  I never knew I wanted one until I had one sitting on my table!  Let me tell you why...

Have you even wanted to create something - card, tag, journal spot - but didn't want to go through the hassle of matching all the papers, making sure the size was correct, or just deal with all the pieces?  This is the way to go - I have great plans for it!  I have been working on some custom labels and branding, drawing up the designs and scratching my head as to how I was going to get all the text/images to line up with a cut.  Printing on a printer, cutting on a Cricut...lots of mistakes (and lots of successes).  Worry no more!  I will continue to let you know if I think it's really that fabulous, but right now, I'm stoked!

The best price on the Cricut Imagine will be at, during the month of March, you will save $200!  The price, after tax and shipping was $325 - the machine is regularly $499, but for the month of March was $299!  Get it while you can!!!

Here are a few of the first projects, I didn't tweak them much, but will be messing with some of the coloring schemes and layouts this weekend!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Opposite of Scrapbooker

When I moved to Utah (the scrapbooking mecca of the world), I had no idea that there were actually HUGE stores dedicated to nothing but paper and cutesy little things to put on paper, ways to cut paper, ways to stain paper, even how to make a paper lasagna! Ok, so I made up that last part, but you get the idea, I thought I'd moved to bizarro world! (and in some ways I had!)

This is how much of a scrapbooker I am, quick story.  When my daughter and I moved to Utah, we didn't know a single person.  We were adjusting to the nuances of the area and unpacking slowly.  We both missed our familiar Seattle skyline and all the flavor that comes from a large metro area.  Seeking something more like home, we decided to head out the Costco for "dinner", we had film we needed to pick up and we could look at those over a ginormous slice of pizza.

We were sopping up the grease from our pizza and flipping through our pictures.  I was having a hard time placing who these people were in the pictures...did we have another families REALLY boring pictures of kids standing around?  I told my daughter we had someone else's pictures and we should return them to the film counter (note that there were nice families sitting all around us, this is Utah of course).  Then I flipped to THE was one of my daughter standing near the front door on her first day of KINDERGARTEN!  She was currently in 7th GRADE!

These strange kids I didn't recognize, were some of the neighborhood kids.  The nice families around us were in awe "Did you hear that?  She didn't even recognize her own daughter, must have been away for a long time".  I'm sure they thought I'd been in prison doing hard time for some unholy crime, but would be in more shock once they found out that no, I wasn't an exciting criminal, just a really good mom who was way too busy to develop film!  Thank goodness for digital cameras!

Fast forward 7 years to present I frequent some of those stores and find that the people I meet in them are really funny and quirky. Just like me!

This is how my adventure in paper began in Utah!  Cricut reviews up next!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy Esty Weekend!

Thank you to everyone who kept me busy this weekend - it's been a blast! I have been working on 4 different Etsy projects, one outside order from a neighbor and some "just for fun" things for me!

I had one Etsy shop owner order 100 vintage style tags - a nice change of pace! I love the style and have decided to offer them on my shop!

I have come across several vintage style tags that I have been working with on projects for myself - I will definitely be putting these in my shop soon, as I love the look and style of them! Pictures will be posted next time!

Please let me know if there is something out there you would like me to try or review - I am open to anything paper related!  I will be posting non-insider reviews/opinions of several Cricut cartridges this week, as I have been playing around with them a bit more.  I am NOT a scrapbooker, but do pretend to know what I am doing.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Website Launched!

I have been crazy busy with projects and getting our business things in order.

We have done a soft launch of our new website ( - the link is to your right) We are excited to offer individual journaling spots, accents and embellishments for all your scrapbooking and cardmaking needs.

Currently, we carry My Minds Eye and are just waiting for our other suppliers to ship the products before we name them - you will love them, we promise!

We will also be launching kits, so keep an eye on Twitter and here at the blog for more information, we can't wait to show these to you!

Do you have an idea of what you'd like to see? Project ideas? Pictures of your projects you'd like to share? Please send them to us and we will post them.

More to come soon - don't miss out!