Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How do You Promote Your Shop on Etsy?

I was at my local craft store this evening and started talking to a this gal.  She was in the scrapbook paper area with her arms full and I mentioned that another local store was closing - she should check out the deals there!  I mentioned my Etsy shop and told her the name, she mentioned that she hated the shipping prices some Etsy shop owners charged and would I be willing to meet up with her, since she was local.  Of course I would!

So this got me to do you promote your Etsy shop?  Do you blog?  Have cards? Use social media?  I would love to know how you go about telling others about what you are doing.

Please share your ideas with me, and I will pass them on to others I know that are struggling with how to gain traffic.  I have been working with a couple gals getting them up and running and would love to share some more ideas with them!

Have a great week! Here are today's projects, more to come tomorrow....really, I promise!

Simple cards with envelopes - going to give these out as a small gift for a a group of Moms!



  1. This should be an interesting conversation. I've always wondered this myself. I have an issue with being "pushy" etc. So sometimes I don't know where to draw the line or even when to offer up my business card.

  2. I agree! I use Twitter and make sure my listings are SEO friendly, as well as use Etsy's showcase a couple of times a month. I know that after a showcase, I get more orders and then it slows down again. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!