Monday, April 11, 2011

Sorry for not updating lately...

I feel bad for not being able to update my blog lately, my goal was to do this each morning with my cup of coffee in hand....but lately migraines have me sidelined.

I have been having so many custom Etsy orders that I could barely keep up!  Lately I have had orders from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Germany.  Lots of weddings going on and baby showers coming up - thank goodness for brides and friends helping others with their showers!

One of the most popular styles of tags that is being used for everything from invitations (sized 4x7 inches) to name cards (1.5x3 inches) is this simple, yet elegant vintage feeling tag.

This tag has been done in every color under the sun!  White, orange, Kraft paper, name it, I have been cutting them in that color!  It's been fun to see the ideas that gals have when they are working on their wedding and preparing for their big day.  I love being part of this process!

The other big item lately are these simple tags.  I recently sent 150 of these to a gal in Ireland and she just did another big order for these - she is using them as her pricing tags for her clothing boutique.  It's another example of a unique way to use these simple tags.  Scrapbooking isn't the only thing you can do with paper!

I am off to work on another order, so in the meantime...can you tell me how you would use these tags?  Give me your ideas so I can share with others!


  1. Your so funny! I grew up raiding my Grandma Potter's paper bag closet! she would save all her paper bags from the store and I liked the teeny tiny ones!! The tinier the better!! She would save them for me. I lived in California (still do) and she lived in Oregon, so I didn't get up there but maybe once a year for a visit with all the family. Both my parents grew up in Oregon and their families lived there. But my Dad was an Airline Pilot and his first job was based out of San Francisco. We moved here for good when I was 4. They sold the Ranch we grew up on and moved back up to Oregon about 7 years ago. My two Sisters followed them up there with their kids. I am the lone Californian! (well besides my 4 kids and husband)

    I love how the gal in Ireland is using your tags for her clothing store price tags! I used to design and make T-shirts for Stores and Wineries in the Napa and Sonoma Valley's and I would cut my own tags out of the unlined 3x5 cards for my tags and business cards. I wrote my business name "Wearable Art" (old business) in Fabric Paint across the Tag and put Glitter over the paint and let dry. Then I would put all my information on the card and how to wash and wear the shirt. I was truly the "Do it Yourself" Creator!!

    I would use these tags as "Conversation Starter's" for a Wedding or any Party that had a-lot of people that were not familiar with each other. I would print out on paper a list of the Conversation Starter's and double stick tape the lists onto the cards. You could use a piece of printed Card Stock that matched or set off the color of the card, or Vellum with a bow to match your table or your colors. I would use a paper cuter and make a rectangle to fit inside the square or you could use Fancy Scissors.

    I could sit here all day and give you ideas, but I what I really want to know is how you made the die cut?? Did you use a Cricket? I have a Jewelry shop on Etsy and also a Paper and Cloth shop on Etsy, so I make tags as well. I don't have these fancy tags, but I have seen other shops with them. I really like them!
    Thanks for letting me chat!! :O
    P.S. I was an "Office Manager" for a big Construction Company and I LOVED going to the Stationary Stores to get paper and forms!! I would buy all kinds of good stuff!! Ever the paper lover I have sooo much paper and would go and buy more any day!! It is an Illness I believe!! LOL

  2. I just noticed you wrote Cricket Die Cuts!! Silly me!!