Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not Happy...Imagine that!

I woke up today ready to take on a bunch of new projects! Sketches in hand, coffee steaming and finally some quiet!  That all changed when I connected my Gypsy to my Imagine...and downhill it went!

I realized I hadn't done an "essential" Cricut update to speed up the communication process of my Gypsy and my Imagine.  Typically, these updates have gone fairly smoothly - taking a little bit of time, but otherwise have been somewhat simple.  I should have known this couldn't last forever...this update has had me sidelined for the past 12 hours (off an on, of course).

It all started when I wanted to load the Best Friends cartridge for Imagine onto my Gypsy.  I wanted to be able to work on my project while I sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine.  I went the "add" the cartridge to my Gypsy and the Imagine wouldn't recognize it...after 7 attempts of various methods (unplugging machines, uplugging USB cable, you name it), I gave up and hit the message boards!

The Cricut message board is full of folks that have similar problems, but were able to resolve the issues.  There were some great things that I hadn't tried yet, so I have spent the past 6 hours trying to let the Sync run while I could get some "real" work done.  I am about ready to send the Imagine to some far off land, as it would make a great doorstop right about now!  Still not working!

I usually love my Cricut products, haven't had too many problems with them - love what I can create and design.

Looks like I will be making a phone call on Monday to see what else I should try....between my husband and myself, we are very computer/tech savvy.  But this just has us stumped!

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