Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ever drive a U-Haul to the ER?

After surviving the tire blow out on the U-haul, we settled into the hotel and quickly fell asleep.  It was quite the long adventurous day and we had been through enough.

Early the next morning, Jack woke up full of energy and ready to jump on the very bed that papa was sleeping on - a much earlier wake up call then expected.  All we had to do was take showers/baths and get breakfast, then start on the second and final leg of the trip!  Easy enough, or so you would think.

Jack was splashing and having a great time in the bath, until we came to the dreaded hair washing.  He started trying to push me away and then slipped and split open his chin.  There was a ton of blood and tears, but thankfully his teeth looked OK.  Papa saw the blood and immediately wanted him to go to the ER to make sure we didn't need stitches.  I hadn't showered yet, nor even had time to brush my teeth, so I brushed them really quick (despite not thinking stitches were necessary) and we headed back to the U-haul (towing the car) and drove to the ER.  

We were in a fairly small town and the hospital is located on a street that shares my last name - I found it ironic based on how accident prone our family is!  My husband pulled the truck up to the ER next to the ambulance bay and we rushed in with Jack (mind you, he had no shirt on, just dried blood and a shorts, blanket wrapped around'd think the hotel was on fired based on how quickly my husband dashed out the door!).  

The registration nurse came out and offered to have the doctor take a look at Jack before they checked us in - something you'd NEVER have happen in a larger metro area.  The doctor came over and examined Jack and decided that, while we could do 2 or 3 stitches, steri-strips or bandaids would do the same thing.  With a handful of bandaids and a much calmer papa (Jack stopped crying an hour ago!), we loaded back up into the Clampette mobile.  

We were so impressed with this doctor and the staff at this hospital.  They didn't charge us a dime for a 15 minute visit with the doctor, nor did they neglect looking at Jacks gaping wound or his teeth - they truly acted like they were doing jobs they loved and took great care of us.

Well, that about sums up the excitement of the move. We arrived in the new house safe and sound, with a few eventful things along the way.

I am finally able to work in my workshop again, so will be posting more often and getting some new projects up before the end of the week!

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