Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Madness!

I haven't had much time to update this blog lately, but have decided to make it more of a priority. Really. At least that's what I started telling myself.

Whoever said that a stay at home mom could do whatever they wanted, have all this free time, and save the planet in their spare time, had it WAY wrong!  Not only do I not have very much (coveted) time to myself, I seldom get to do what I want!  Throw some nasty colds, a commuting husband and Etsy orders into the mix, and you have a jolly good time to look forward to.

Lately we seem to be starting the day off at 430 am - the pitter patter of little feet chasing the cat (Fast Cat) and giggling the whole time.  I love it!  At least by noon, it doesn't seem to bother me...its a bit different at 430 in the morning though!

Some fun easy new Etsy projects seem to be selling quickly - can't seem to keep enough butterflies handy!  Here are a couple ways I thought of using them, especially if you fasten a leaf to the flower and write a name on them...absolutely beautiful!

I have been receiving some great ideas and inspiration at the strangest places, so stay tuned and see what is next!

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