Thursday, March 29, 2012


Have you ever had one of those days as a mom - kids are whiny, dinner is less than exciting, and then your husband comes home and just melts into the sofa after a long day at work?  Well, my whole week has been like that (only add in a little bit of puke and snot, and it's mind to a "t"!).

Today I had the rare chance to escape sans kids and just wander the isles are various craft stores.  I have really missed my days in Utah where you trip over them as often as you trip over enormously large families!  I have been working on numerous paper flowers and as much as I love making them, I was feeling a bit stale.  I needed to experiment a little bit and push myself a bit beyond my comfort zone.

I am not the best at updating my blog, nor am I the craftiest gal on the planet, but I know a good idea when I see it!  So I paid and left Michaels and wandered home into the land of snotty noses and Curious George - antsy for everyone to go to bed so I could break out the glue gun and paper, and get crafty (oh, yeah, sorta like that old Beastie Boys song...sorta).

I purchased a spool of green floral wire, some cloth wrapped wire, and a pair of wire clippers (you never know when your inner MacGyver might hit!).

So I started messing around with some flowers I had made for an order - I always make extra, this time I just made way too many!  I decided that what I wanted to try and do was create a flower arrangement, not necessarily perfection right outta the box, but something I could keep working on until I got it right!

After messing around with the wire and realizing that it really is pretty forgiving and can be twisted in a zillion ways, this is what I came up with using 13 red flowers of varying styles and sizes, all cut from the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge.  I love where this could go and will keep working on this and hopefully be able to offer something on my Etsy shop (

Here's the rough picture of how it turned out, granted it's a bit late in the day for this, but thought I'd show you were it's headed - lots of potential here!!

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  1. That is so stinkin cute!! I really must play with my circuit more. Lol