Monday, April 15, 2013

Turning 40

It has been quite a while since I have been here to write, life has a way of taking you down paths you had no idea you were about to explore.

I turned 40 in December and two days later I had my first mammogram. It was lots of fun - that is, if you enjoy having your breast tissue pushed, twisted, pulled and stretched, it's totally for you! I went to my appointment, Nook in hand and ready for some quiet time away from my 3 year old little boy (can you tell I was desperate for some alone time?).

This appointment was anything but quite and was the start of a long process that I hadn't anticipated. The technician was great and very nicely asked if I would mind following her to the next room for an ultrasound. The radiologist has spotted something and wanted a closer look. As the ultrasound tech's (yes two) performed the ultrasound, my mind was pretty blank - I hadn't thought of anything to ask or even knew what to ask. I waited for a few minutes and was told I could get dressed and follow them to the see the radiologist.

Let me say, that everyone that I met with that day, was fabulous. I can only imagine the types of news they have to deliver each day, some with sadness and some with a sense of relief. Today, the news they delivered was confusing and would be the first taste of turning 40. The Radiologist had found a radial scar and informed me that if I were his wife, he would want her to remove it asap. I wasn't sure what to ask and just left, feeling confused and scared.

I am not one to get overly excited or emotional, but this jarred my sensibilities. I came home and searched the internet for anything I could find about radial breast scars (not a lot of good info out there, tons of conflicting reports). The more I saw, the more I worried and realized this wasn't something to mess around with or ignore. So I made my appointment for the MRI and then with a breast specialist.

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