Thursday, May 2, 2013

Facebook overload

After a really crazy month of April, I have decided to take the month of May off from social media - except for the occasional tweet or blog post, there will be NO Facebook and NO Pinterest.

Why would I removed myself from the very hip world of all my friends and their families?  Who doesn't want to see pictures from every family vacation that you were NOT a part of and weren't invited to?  What gal doesn't want to get depressed looking at the beautiful mess that is her home and compare it to every relaxing (and clean) toy-free living room that is uber organized on Pinterest?

I am that gal, the one who just content when we make it out the door and everyone is wearing clean clothes - matching shoes optional.

I am that gal that is reduced the irritation and irrational thoughts after looking at "friends" Facebook post and wonder "why didn't I know about that? / wasn't invited? / go there?"

I am that gal that lives a wonderful life, full of adventure - not the Indian Jones / National Geographic sort of adventure - but adventure nonetheless.

Yesterday marked the first day that I didn't check in on Facebook all day - didn't have some pithy little anecdote that I needed to share and didn't really care what was going on with my 500+ "friends".  Who has that many real friends anyway - we all know women don't play well together, so those numbers are SO inflated!

My last post on the dreaded social network was a quick challenge to each of those friends to call me - you MAY call me this month, don't bother with finding out about my life on FB because I won't be there.

A couple hours after that post, I had several texts from friends wondering if I was ok.  Had I lost it?  Was I feeling ok, dying of something, traveling?  Nope, just tired of being reduced to how I was in high school - an insecure, never really fitting in sort of geek.

I went to sleep, not checking in with whose husband brought them home ice cream or flowers after a tough day.  I woke up not checking to see whose child had woken up 15 times, potty trained themselves at age 2 or started speaking fluent Latin at age 4.

Was I tempted to check in today, of course.  It has become ingrained in part of our everyday life - much in the way email or smartphones have become part of our daily fabric.  I even went so far as to delete the dreaded blue "F" icon from my smartphone - radical, of course, but why not live not the edge?

I think we have lost so much of that connected we used to feel when we'd meet up with a bunch of girlfriends - waiting all week to get caught up, laugh about the funnier moments and whine about those other moments of being a mom or wife.  Facebook robbed us of that.  Now when we get together, we talk in 30-second sound bites, with as little connection to each other as possible.  It's easier to berate or belittle someone in 140 characters or less, than to sit across from them during dinner and talk about what we are feeling.

I have promised myself that the month of May will be a "you May call me" month, if there's someone you want to share with me, pick up the phone.  I'll actually answer it!

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  1. My exact sentiments! good for you to be one that can say it out loud!